House #1

Remember, I decided to give up on designing the houses and just picked out some pre-made ones in Sunset Valley. The budget for each place was around $80,000. Some houses are worth less, but I will add on to the house as we play (hot tubs!).

Residents of House #1:

Contestant #1: Amber Parsons

Traits: Flirty, Absent-minded, Lucky, Mooch, Great Kisser

Favorites: Music- Electronica, Color- Green, Food- Lobster Thermidor

Job: Unemployed

Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Extra Details: Twin sister of Michelle.

Submitted By: Heather

House #: 1

Contestant #2: Michelle Parsons

Traits: Genius, Snob, Ambitious, Clumsy, Never Nude

Favorites: Music- Classical, Color- Spice Brown, Food- Lobster Thermidor

Job: Business

Lifetime Wish: CEO of Mega-Corporation

Extra Details: Twin sister of Amber.

Submitted By: Heather

House #: 1

Contestant #3: Shanelle Waldorf

Traits: Insane, Slob, Great Kisser, Over-Emotional, Frugal

Favorites: Music- Pop, Color- Hot Pink, Food- French Toast

Job: Stylist

Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Extra Details:

Submitted By: Maria

House #: 1

Contestant #4: Fiona

Traits: Insane, Neurotic, Never Nude, Hopeless Romantic, Perfectionist

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Spiceberry, Food- Dim Sum

Job: Architectural Design

Lifetime Wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Extra Details:

Submitted By: Erin

House #: 1

Contestant #5: Sam

Traits: Never Nude, Vegetarian, Bookworm, Lucky, Artistic

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Turquoise, Food- Rataouille

Job: Photography

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts*

Extra Details: *I had to change this from “Renaissance Sim” since the selected traits wouldn’t spawn that LTW. Also, he looks way cuter than that…its a bad photo.

Submitted By: Meghan

House #: 1

Contestant #21: Evelyn

Traits: Artistic, Genius, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Good Sense of Humor

Favorites: Music- Latin, Color- Sea Foam, Food- French Toast

Job: Photography

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Extra Details: Loves life, children, music, art, and dance. Dances ballet as a hobby.

Submitted by: Jackie

As always comments and questions are encouraged!!


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