Choosing the Bachelorette

While you are waiting to hear who the Bachelor chose, vote on who the first Bachelorette should be!

The Bachelorette for the second challenge will be chosen from the pool of contestants that did not win, but made it through the first elimination.

We will narrow down the candidates by choosing 1 contestant per elimination round. This will encourage people to vote for contestants that were NOT their own.

Here are the pictures and Bios for the contestants eliminated in Round 2. Please pick your favorite. The one with the highest votes will move on in the voting.

Shanelle Waldorf

Traits: Insane, Slob, Great Kisser, Over-Emotional, Frugal

Favorites: Music- Pop, Color- Hot Pink, Food- French Toast

Job: Stylist

Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Submitted By: Maria

Alyssa Erikson

Traits: Workaholic, Bookworm, Genius, Perfectionist, Computer Whiz

Favorites: Music- Egyptian, Color- Red, Food- Autumn Salad

Job: Medical

Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon

Extra Details: Alyssa never has time to date.

Chloe St. Pierre

Traits: Great Kisser, Excitable, Natural Cook, Charismatic, Good

Favorites: Music- Soul, Color-Lilac, Food- Autumn Salad

Job: Unemployed

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Extra Details: Very self-confident.

Submitted By: Jackie


Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Disciplined, Bookworm, Athletic, Friendly

Favorites: Music-Egyptian, Color- Spicebrown, Food- Falafel

Job: Scientist

Lifetime Wish: Martial Arts Master

Extra Details:

Submitted By: Kara


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