Bachelorette Poll #5

Which of these Round 6 eliminations should be considered for the Bachelorette?

Delia “Dee” Vine

Traits: Eco-friendly, Good Sense of Humor, Technophobe, Bookworm, Athletic

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Spice Brown, Food- Dim Sum

Job: Unemployed

Lifetime Wish: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Extra Details: Delia Vine (call her ‘Dee’) was raised by eco-terrorists. But can this would-be earth-child adjust to a live in suburbia?

Submitted By: Laura

Elise Lancaster

Traits: Athletic, Good, Flirty, Brave, Excitable

Favorites: Music- Hip-hop*, Color- Blue, Food- Hamburger

Job: Law Enforcement

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Extra Details:* Since hip-hop isn’t a menu option, it is technically pop

Submitted By: Sharon


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