After the Wedding

Last Time: Sheila and Nathan finally managed to have a wedding. So what happens now?

Sheila has decided to pursue her passion for cooking a little more intensely, perhaps she can make some cash on the side from selling her dishes?

Ever since the world’s been updated, trips outside SimNation have not been going well for Sims. SimNews has reported who neighborhoods have had to be eliminated due to glitches. Sheila and Nathan decide that it is best not to spend all their money on a romantic honeymoon, as was their plan, given the current risks. Instead, they add a new addition on to the house so that they can build a nursery.

Sheila is expecting!

The area that once was their bedroom, is now a nice den with plenty of room for a computer desk and television.


Off the new den is a nursery!

Along with their new bedroom.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby!

And the day has finally arrived! Off to the hospital we go!

Welcome to the world Fynn! In the world of the Sims, children are born with certain characteristics, and they run tests at the hospital to determine some of these characteristics before the child comes home. So we know:

– The someday his favorite food will be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

– That his favorite color is yellow

– He prefers pop music

– He is a couch potato and will prefer chilling on the couch playing tv and video games

– He is a genius, and will be able to read and pick up new skills faster than most other sims


2 responses to “After the Wedding

  1. Aww, that nursery is adorable!

  2. Thanks!

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