The Next Bachelorette is…

So sorry about the delay! Last week was a mess…guests were coming out, big party to prepare for, and I got a job interview thrown in the middle of it. Chaos!

We have a definitive winner of the polls…with 6 of the 11 votes (so just over 50%…yay!).

The next step of the challenge will be to contact the person who submitted our new Bachelorette to make sure she is on board with helping me. She will help make some of the initial decisions, as well as give me more details about our Bachelorette.

After that, I will need to write up the logistics of the challenge…how many contestants and how many will get eliminated each round.

And now for our winner….

drumroll please….

Leslie Carlisle                                                                                          Traits: Easily Impressed, Excitable, Flirty, Kleptomaniac, Clumsy                 Favorites: Music- Pop, Color- Lime, Food- Mac n Cheese                               Lifetime Wish: Possession is Nine Tenths the Law (possess $50,ooo of stolen goods)


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