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We’re almost back!

My extended vacation from the Bachelor Challenge turned out to be much longer than planned!

I had to stop because I was trying to finish and defend my thesis. Well, that’s been done for a couple weeks now. So why wasn’t I back sooner? I’ve been meaning to return, and I did miss the Bachelor…but getting back into it seemed like so much work…I needed to find my notes, I didn’t remember what was going on, I had to catch-up on posting info. Ugh! I’m also slightly less attached to the characters now that I can hardly remember them! But, I had a lot of fun doing it, and it seemed like a lot of my friends enjoyed following along.

I’ve cleaned off my PC desk, found my notes, figured out where I was, etc… The next post will probably lack any detail, as I can’t remember a thing and my notes are CRAP.

You can also expect posts about the next one which I think will be a Bachelorette challenge (given the Bachelorette’s next season begins this month…it’s scary that this is now information I know, lol). And just like the Bachelorette show, we will be using one of the final contenders in this challenge who didn’t make it.

Stay tuned!


Update: Contestants are Being Uploaded

I’m currently adding contestants to the game, and posting their descriptions on this site (under The Contestants).

I have 7 entries…but I want 25 Sims to compete. Remember, you can submit more than one.

Sunset Valley’s Shortage of Singles

Sunset Valley has long suffered a shortage of single Sims. When you enter the dating scene in Sunset Valley you are faced with a huge challenge- to find an acceptable, single Sim. You study your coworkers- too old, too young, wrong gender…you study the Sims around town…too ugly, mean-spirited, unemployed…finally, you find an attractive Sim. You begin chatting them up…things are going well. You have common traits, they have a nice job…You initiate a flirt interaction…they respond positively. You ask their relationship status…and boom…they are married, engaged, whatever.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some Sims from pursuing anyway. However, if all Sims were home-wreckers then Sunset Valley would be chaos.

In the rare event that they aren’t in a relationship with another Sim, you continue dating, you eventually propose, you get married, they move in…and then you realize they are 3 days out from turning elder. So much for that big family you wanted.

The Sunset Valley Council has decided to fix this problem, so they stop losing all of their young people to the “adventuring” career path where they can meet plenty of singles in Egypt and France. The town is going to host match-making events where Sims can meet and date a bunch of single Sims, so they can find their most compatible mate.

Lots o Sunset.jpg