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After the Wedding

Last Time: Sheila and Nathan finally managed to have a wedding. So what happens now?

Sheila has decided to pursue her passion for cooking a little more intensely, perhaps she can make some cash on the side from selling her dishes?

Ever since the world’s been updated, trips outside SimNation have not been going well for Sims. SimNews has reported who neighborhoods have had to be eliminated due to glitches. Sheila and Nathan decide that it is best not to spend all their money on a romantic honeymoon, as was their plan, given the current risks. Instead, they add a new addition on to the house so that they can build a nursery.

Sheila is expecting!

The area that once was their bedroom, is now a nice den with plenty of room for a computer desk and television.


Off the new den is a nursery!

Along with their new bedroom.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby!

And the day has finally arrived! Off to the hospital we go!

Welcome to the world Fynn! In the world of the Sims, children are born with certain characteristics, and they run tests at the hospital to determine some of these characteristics before the child comes home. So we know:

– The someday his favorite food will be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

– That his favorite color is yellow

– He prefers pop music

– He is a couch potato and will prefer chilling on the couch playing tv and video games

– He is a genius, and will be able to read and pick up new skills faster than most other sims


Well, the bed does look comfy….

Nathan managed to secure some work at the studio in Twinbrook, and it kept him pretty busy on most days. Sheila applied for a part-time position at the spa. Since this afforded her more free time, she has been reading up on ways to improve her communication skills, as well as finally trying to hone that natural talent she has for cooking.

Nathan has been trying, really hard, to get Sheila to come around. He has apologized many times, has purchased her flowers, tried to get her excited about wedding planning, showing interest in her job…poor boy is running out of ideas and she is not giving him much hope!

First sign that she is forgiving him? Or is she just tired of sleeping on the couch?

Apparently, she was just tired of sleeping on the couch…now he has to sleep on the couch. :::sigh::: Will these two kids ever work it out? It’s clear he loves her…he sticks around despite the fact he has yet to get any woohoo.

Sheila had a rough day at the spa today, she was late for work and became stressed out while she was there. Nathan comforted her.

His soothing words have had the desired effect, not only does she feel better but she is beginning to forgive him.

Nathan convinces her to go on a date with him. They went out to the local diner to grab some food and meet some of the locals (remember- they just moved here and they need to make some new friends!).

The following evening, Sheila discusses the food they plan on having at their wedding; and enthusiastically shares with Nathan all the cooking knowledge she has learned since their…um…minor separation?

It took awhile for her to forgive him, but I think things are back on the right track.

(A/N: Her being upset at him was adorable! I love the “confess to cheating” interaction…she still loved him, but was upset…it was a very difficult time for both of them. Love realistic touches.)

I’ll Take the Couch

Previously on the Bachelor: Nathan proposed to Sheila, the winning contestant of the 1st round of The Bachelor. His confession about what had occurred between him and Leslie in France, however, was not received well.

Nathan and Sheila have been given a small home in Twinbrook to start their new life together.

A small cozy living room greets you as you open the front door.

An open doorway leads into a small but functional kitchen.

Immediately off the kitchen is a very small laundry room (at least they don’t have to go to the laundromat!).

A simple bathroom is connected to the living area, along with a bedroom.

There small house only has one bedroom.

The yard is small, but a nice porch offers cover for a potential grill and picnic table.

Their home is located on the outskirts of the downtown area…fairly close to some places such as the spa, where Sheila intends on  working, but not near the main drag.

Sheila’s mood still hasn’t improved, so Nathan is giving his best attempt at cooking dinner- Mac n’ Cheese.

Nathan went to bed early, and Sheila decided she did not want to share a bed with him this soon. So, she opted for the couch in the living room.

Will there be a proposal?

Previously on The Bachelor….

Nathan had narrowed down the pool of contestants to just two. Sheila- the intelligent, friendly chick from down under who enjoys cooking and hanging with people; and Leslie- the klutzy, flirtatious kleptomaniac who is easily impressed (aka…she’s like having a walking ego boost!).




Each of the ladies joined Nathan for a private 3-Day excursion to France.

Who won Nathan’s heart?

Sheila took it slow…built up a friendship and didn’t follow a romantic direction until the last day.

Leslie flirted from the start and by Day 2 they were woohooing at every opportunity!

It is a lovely summer day in Twinbrook. Wait. Is it actually summer? We don’t know. We don’t have seasons and weather yet, like our predecessors. Sigh.

The old neighborhood suffered a glitch, and had to be blown up. Fortunately, we were able to evacuate everyone. Well…clones of everyone (shh…they don’t know!). Twinbrook will be the new home of the Bachelor Challenges, and will be where the Bachelor and his future wife settle down.  Twinbrook has a nice southern bayou feel to it, and we don’t spend nearly enough time here.

We are at the local beach, one of the lovelier spots in Twinbrook.

Yes, that’s right. Nathan is proposing to Sheila. I was AMAZED at the results of the trip. While Nathan and Leslie were very romantic, there relationship bar was only about 75% full by the end of trip.

Sheila’s maxed out before the end of the trip.

I think they truly are a perfect match. He needs a lot of friends for his job, and she likes making friends. Her charismatic personality works well for a celebrity’s wife.  

She said ‘yes’.

But our story doesn’t end there.

You see, Nathan is a good, honest guy who is concerned about the foundation of his future family. So, he is honest with Sheila about what happened in France with Leslie.

That did NOT go well. Oh boy is she pissed.

Coming Soon: Will Nathan make it up to Sheila? Will the wedding happen?

Next Post: Bachelorette Poll #2- The ladies who lost Round 3!

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Final Round: Part Two

Last time we followed Sheila and Nathan on their trip to France. While they built a solid friendship sparks didn’t fly until the last day. 

What will Leslie’s trip be like?

Conversing on the couch at the hostel they were staying at. Leslie opted for the stay at the hotel approach for day 1.

Dinner at the cafe, they opted to eat outside to enjoy the beautiful night.

Leslie wastes no time in getting their relationship to the physical stage. 

Nathan pulls out the flowers again- purple this time.

Off to the nectary again!

Leslie convinced Nathan to purchase a tent and spend the night out in French countryside.

If the tent is a rockin’….yeah, that means they are woohooing…and we still have one night left.

And I’m out of pictures…pretty much because they spent the remaining time on the vacation woohooing at any opportunity…in the tent, in the shower, in their bed, in someone else’s bed… 

So…who did Nathan choose? Did he choose Sheila with whom he had a strong friendship? Or did he choose Leslie with whom he had a more physical connection with?

Leslie can provide a hot and steamy marriage…she’s flirtatious and physical.

Sheila can provide a complimentary personality and life goals…she strives to be popular, a good match for an actor.

Whom will he choose? Tune in to the next episode!



The Final Round: Part One

In the final round, Nathan will need to choose between Shelia and Leslie. 

Sheila is a friendly and charismatic woman who desires to surrounded by friends. Despite being uncommonly intelligent, she finds working at a Day Spa a more relaxing career choice. She has a natural talent for cooking, though she lacks any kind of training. She loves the color lilac, pop music, and pancakes!

Just like Sheila, Leslie also works as a spa specialist (clearly given Nathan’s interest in working out, he is attracted to ladies who can give excellent massages!). Leslie is a very enthusiastic individual who is easily impressed, add those traits to her naturally flirtatious ways and it is easy to see why she would have charmed the Bachelor over, despite being a bit clumsy. Leslie has a secret, however, she is a closet kleptomaniac. While she has kept herself in check over these last few weeks, she really desires to buildup, over the course of her life, a large collection of stolen items. Leslie loves Mac n’ Cheese, Pop music and the color lime.

This round each contestant will go on a 1 on 1 vacation to France with Nathan.

There was a GLITCH. My previous bachelor neighborhood glitched before I was able to complete this round. I placed copies of the two contestants and the bachelor in a new town, but their previous relationships and skill experience is gone. However, I felt this would be kind of cool for the last round. Each girl gets a blank slate…who is the Bachelor meant to be with? 

Sheila was randomly selected to be the first trip to France. The winner of this round will be the one with the highest overall relationship score. If there is a tie, it will be broken by the Bachelor having the wish to move in or marry a particular Sim. If there is still a tie, we will have a tie breaker round.

The first morning consisted of a lovely breakfast of crepes in the local cafe.

Next was a trip to the nectary to learn how nectar is made, and to sample several delicious blends.






Discussing nectar flavors at the nectary.


Then it was off to the museum.

Nathan surprised Sheila with lovely red flowers.

And a gift!

Dinner at the cafe.

Strange very burnt-looking French child.

A friendly game of chess.

Shopping at the marketplace

Dinner outside at the cafe

Sitting outside on a grassy hill watching the stars.

Sheila did not try to get romantic until the last evening. She spent the first two days building up a solid friendship. The romance started during the afternoon of their last day in France. They both got the wish to woohoo during the final evening, and I think it would have led to that…but it was time to go home.  Was it enough? Should she have gotten romantic earlier? We’ll find out!

Next Up….Leslie’s trip…

Almost there!

Remaining Contestants: Sheila, Maisy-Jo, and Leslie

For this round, we will be doing another 3 days of wishes, but this time we are going to include the ladies’ wishes as well.

Sheila asks if Nathan can train her on the exercise equipment, a smart move as we know the man adores exercising, and she can monopolize a lot of his time this way.

But Leslie interrupts.

Leslie chatting with him again about children, appealing to his family-oriented trait.

Maisy-Jo getting friendly.

Leslie does not like the exchange between Nathan and Maisy.

Leslie decides to step up the game…with a woohoo.

Flirting with Sheila….seems everyone is doing a good job of getting their time in!

Oh no…jealousy alert! And sadly this happened right before a rose ceremony…

Rose Ceremony

Leslie and Sheila

We are saying goodbye to Maisy-Jo!

The finale is a bit more interesting, so stay  tuned!