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Cancelled until Further Notice

My computer can’t play TS3 anymore, so until I get a new one, I’m back playing TS2 (and loving it). Check out the new Bachelor challenge and submit a contestant!


Who will be the Bachelorette? THE FINAL POLL!

This is it! This is the final poll! Who will be the next round’s bachelorette??!

After we decide, I will begin posting more information about how to submit a contestant for the next round!

Amber Parsons                                                                                                  Traits: Flirty, Absent-minded, Lucky, Mooch, Great Kisser                           Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger (see ghost of wealthy spouse)                                           Favorites:  Music- Electronica, Color- Green, Food- Lobster Thermidor          

Maisy-Jo                                                                                                   Traits: Over-emotional, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Artistic, Friendly                             Favorites: Music-Pop, Color- Purple, Food- Cookies                                        Lifetime Wish: Rock Star

Leslie Carlisle                                                                                          Traits: Easily Impressed, Excitable, Flirty, Kleptomaniac, Clumsy                 Favorites: Music- Pop, Color- Lime, Food- Mac n Cheese                               Lifetime Wish: Possession is Nine Tenths the Law (possess $50,ooo of stolen goods)


What Happened to Leslie?

Since only Sheila, Nathan, and Leslie moved to the new neighborhood, Leslie is the only contestant (so far) that has been kicked out on her own. So, I decided to check in on Leslie to see how life had been treating her since she left the show heartbroken.

When I found her, she was still in the prom-meets-bridesmaid dress that she showed up in to Sheila & Nathan’s wedding. However, she was at the laundromat- so perhaps she just wears this when she runs out of clothes?

I followed her back to her new place, which is a cute little house that she occupies by herself- no roommate. Oh…odd thing was…she *has* a washer and dryer at home…and they weren’t broken. So was she just looking to make some friends at the laundromat?

Despite not being particularly artistic, or needing any skills in that area for her job, Leslie seems to have an interest in the arts. She wishes to take a class in painting, and she owns a string bass (she already owned it when I went to check on her…I’m not exactly sure how such an expensive purchase was acquired).

Leslie met one of her neighbor- a friendly old woman, who seems to be Leslie’s only friend in this new neighborhood.

Since she’s been on her own she has acquired a “boyfriend”…one Justin Kayes. He is apparently some genius computer whiz guy…but he’s kind of a jerk. They went on one date, and it did not go very well. She has a better relationship with her car (seriously, she considers it a “good friend”…it is affectionately called the Sloppy Jalopy) than Justin. He never stops by, calls, or shows an interest.

To make ends meet, she is pursuing a life of crime…she works with some seedy folks, but she doesn’t consider any of them “friends”. I’m not exactly sure she is suited for a life of crime though…she has made no career progress…even after I spent a week managing things for her. A major factor is her difficulty in building the athletic skill- she is clumsy…so her and working out don’t go well together.

 Long hours at work, followed by long hours at the gym, and having a very poor quality mattress, means Leslie takes frequent naps.

She has no television or computer and no one to talk with, but she still manages to keep herself entertained.

The nice old lady invites her to a formal get-together she is having.

Leslie tries to make some new friends, but she isn’t meeting the friendliest people.

Back home…the sink is now leaking. It seems like things break around here on  a daily basis, but Leslie has no money to buy new ones.

Of course, she can improve her house by taken home items stolen from work…like this soap dispenser…

Just when you think things can’t get any worse….you get arrested.

After spending a night in jail, Leslie thinks she needs to add to her (imaginary) tough-girl persona by getting another tatoo!

Then it’s back to the gym!

Almost there! (Another Bachelorette Poll!)

We are coming close to deciding who the next Bachelorette will be! Just two more polls!

The winner will have to answer more questions about their Bachelorette, as we will be following the Bachelorette around for one week to learn more about her!

If a Sim you have submitted is in this poll….you are encouraged to send me an e-mail with more info or reasons why your Sims should be the next Bachelorette. I will update this post to include that information!

This poll will put Evelyn, the winner of all the previous polls, up against Becca, Kat and Amber…3 ladies who made it to the final rounds!

The winner of that poll will be pitted against Maisy-Jo and Leslie, the two runners-up!

Who should be the next Bachelorette?


Traits: Artistic, Genius, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Good Sense of Humor

Favorites: Music- Latin, Color- Sea Foam, Food- French Toast

Job: Photography

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Extra Details: Loves life, children, music, art, and dance. Dances ballet as a hobby.

Submitted by: Jackie

Becca Pierce

Traits: Brave, Couch Potato, Can’t Stand Art, Vehicle Enthusiast, Heavy Sleeper

Favorites: Music-Hip Hop, Color- Spiceberry, Food- Goopy Carbonara

Job: Firefighter

Lifetime Wish: Firefighter Super Hero

Submitted By: Kara

Amber Parsons

Traits: Flirty, Absent-minded, Lucky, Mooch, Great Kisser

Favorites: Music- Electronica, Color- Green, Food- Lobster Thermidor

Job: Unemployed

Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Extra Details: Twin sister of Michelle.

Submitted By: Heather


Traits: Adventurous, Star Quality, Shy, Artistic, Friendly

Favorites: Music-Egyptian, Color- Orange, Food- Egg Rolls

Job: Member of a Band

Lifetime Wish: Great Explorer

Submitted By: Kara

Interesting Tidbit

I just started check out the round 3 posts, so I can make the next poll for the Bachelorette…and Round 3 is when we did the compatibility test. Sheila was one of the winners of the compatibility test! Maisy-Jo, Christy and Kat also had the same score and made it far along. Leslie, however, had a zero.

Bachelorette Page has been updated!

I just update the Bachelorette page! (see above links)

What’s the hold up?

Sorry for the lack of bachelor challenge posts. Two reasons for that:
1) The desktop on which I play the game is in the office with my crazy cat. I have a couple of sick kitties (mild respiratory infection) who need my attention/affection more than the crazy one at the moment; and the crazy kitty isn’t sick yet…so I haven’t been working in my office.

2) Posts will be sporadic over the next few weeks. I’m getting very close to my thesis defense/submission.

I will try to post an update as often as I can, but please be patient. 🙂