:::insert wedding music:::

The Big Day has finally arrived…Nathan & Sheila are getting married!!!

But I see some drama on the horizon thanks to a special guest appearance, lol.

Nathan, sweetie, I know the house is currently lacking proper exercise equipment, but I assure you that changing out of your tuxedo and into gym close so you can squeeze in a workout before the ceremony is NOT APPROPRIATE.

Oh, look….drama has arrived! Right before the ceremony, Leslie shows up in something akin to a bridesmaid dress (it’s cute, but totally not flattering, hun), walks right up to the arch where Sheila and Nathan are minutes away from tying the not and accuses him of cheating. She tells the entire audience exactly what they did in France. Oh dear.


Nathan keeps his cool and tells Leslie, in no uncertain terms, that they are through, and that she needs to have a seat. Which is apparently stressing her out…I dunno what’s going on here.

It’s time for the wedding!

Exchanging of the rings. Please note the scenery…they got married on the beach where Nathan proposed!

Through out the whole ceremony…I’m fairly certain Leslie was booing.

Has Leslie been hanging out with Petal by any chance?

The groom cuts the cake…mmm….cake.

Yes, Nathan, it is appropriate to use the dance floor now!

Despite their lack of friends in town, a surprising number of people showed up to watch the ceremony. I’m fairly certain a few passersby joined in, but that is a normal Sims tradition…the more the merrier! Sheila and Nathan continued dancing well after everyone left.

Look at all that leftover cake! Man, I wish I was a Sim! Sorry…I’m hungry and need food.

(A/N: I did NOT plan for Leslie to crash the ceremony…she accused him of cheating on her own accord…OMG…freaking hysterical!)




Bachelorette Poll #5

Which of these Round 6 eliminations should be considered for the Bachelorette?

Delia “Dee” Vine

Traits: Eco-friendly, Good Sense of Humor, Technophobe, Bookworm, Athletic

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Spice Brown, Food- Dim Sum

Job: Unemployed

Lifetime Wish: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Extra Details: Delia Vine (call her ‘Dee’) was raised by eco-terrorists. But can this would-be earth-child adjust to a live in suburbia?

Submitted By: Laura

Elise Lancaster

Traits: Athletic, Good, Flirty, Brave, Excitable

Favorites: Music- Hip-hop*, Color- Blue, Food- Hamburger

Job: Law Enforcement

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Extra Details:* Since hip-hop isn’t a menu option, it is technically pop

Submitted By: Sharon

Bachelorette Poll #4

Here are the contestants that were eliminated in Round 5:

Christy Winchester

Traits: Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Athletic, Friendly

Favorites: Music-Kids, Color- Blue, Food- Ratatouille

Job: Law Enforcement

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Extra Details: Sister of Holly

Submitted By: Robin


Traits: Hot-Headed, Snob, Party Animals, Hates the Outdoors, Charismatic

Favorites: Music-French, Color- Pink, Food- Frogs Legs

Job: Politics

Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Submitted By: Kristen S.


Well, the bed does look comfy….

Nathan managed to secure some work at the studio in Twinbrook, and it kept him pretty busy on most days. Sheila applied for a part-time position at the spa. Since this afforded her more free time, she has been reading up on ways to improve her communication skills, as well as finally trying to hone that natural talent she has for cooking.

Nathan has been trying, really hard, to get Sheila to come around. He has apologized many times, has purchased her flowers, tried to get her excited about wedding planning, showing interest in her job…poor boy is running out of ideas and she is not giving him much hope!

First sign that she is forgiving him? Or is she just tired of sleeping on the couch?

Apparently, she was just tired of sleeping on the couch…now he has to sleep on the couch. :::sigh::: Will these two kids ever work it out? It’s clear he loves her…he sticks around despite the fact he has yet to get any woohoo.

Sheila had a rough day at the spa today, she was late for work and became stressed out while she was there. Nathan comforted her.

His soothing words have had the desired effect, not only does she feel better but she is beginning to forgive him.

Nathan convinces her to go on a date with him. They went out to the local diner to grab some food and meet some of the locals (remember- they just moved here and they need to make some new friends!).

The following evening, Sheila discusses the food they plan on having at their wedding; and enthusiastically shares with Nathan all the cooking knowledge she has learned since their…um…minor separation?

It took awhile for her to forgive him, but I think things are back on the right track.

(A/N: Her being upset at him was adorable! I love the “confess to cheating” interaction…she still loved him, but was upset…it was a very difficult time for both of them. Love realistic touches.)

Choosing a Bachelorette Poll #3

Which of these ladies should be considered for the position of Bachelorette #1?


Traits: Artistic, Frugal, Friendly, Neat, Technophobe

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Torquoise, Food- Waffles

Job: Bookstore Clerk

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Extra Details: Leah is pretty average, and pretty forgettable. She graduated with a 3.2 average from high school, then went on to the local state university, majored in French Literature, and has ever since been working at a book store. She’s had a few boyfriends, typically dating them between 3-8 months; despite her being a sweet girl, the boyfriend usually ended the relationship because he “just wasn’t feeling it”.

Submitted By: Erin


Traits: Artistic, Genius, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Good Sense of Humor

Favorites: Music- Latin, Color- Sea Foam, Food- French Toast

Job: Photography

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Extra Details: Loves life, children, music, art, and dance. Dances ballet as a hobby.

Submitted by: Jackie


Traits: Ambitious, Dislikes Children, Flirty, Charismatic, Neurotic

Favorites: Music-Pop, Color- Pink, Food- Fruit Parfait

Job: Stylist

Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomena

Extra Details: She’s a creative person that has a funky sense of style loves decoration and zebra can totally be made fabulous and classy, tiffany blue is favorite color besides pink, she’s worked hard and loves where she is in life and is willing to work hard, she’s not that interested in love at the moment she is more focused on her career

Submitted By: Kristen H.

I’ll Take the Couch

Previously on the Bachelor: Nathan proposed to Sheila, the winning contestant of the 1st round of The Bachelor. His confession about what had occurred between him and Leslie in France, however, was not received well.

Nathan and Sheila have been given a small home in Twinbrook to start their new life together.

A small cozy living room greets you as you open the front door.

An open doorway leads into a small but functional kitchen.

Immediately off the kitchen is a very small laundry room (at least they don’t have to go to the laundromat!).

A simple bathroom is connected to the living area, along with a bedroom.

There small house only has one bedroom.

The yard is small, but a nice porch offers cover for a potential grill and picnic table.

Their home is located on the outskirts of the downtown area…fairly close to some places such as the spa, where Sheila intends on  working, but not near the main drag.

Sheila’s mood still hasn’t improved, so Nathan is giving his best attempt at cooking dinner- Mac n’ Cheese.

Nathan went to bed early, and Sheila decided she did not want to share a bed with him this soon. So, she opted for the couch in the living room.

Choosing the Bachelorette Poll #2

All contestants that managed to make it past Round 1 of the Bachelor are eligible to be the next Bachelorette!

We will be choosing our favorite from each elimination, and then the winners will compete against each other.

Please try to vote in each poll for your favorite contestant, even if the contestant you submitted isn’t in it. 🙂 Poll #1 can be found here: https://sims3bachelor.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/choosing-the-bachelorette/ at the very end of the post.

Sam (hey, we don’t discriminate, if he wants to be the Bachelorette…)

Traits: Never Nude, Vegetarian, Bookworm, Lucky, Artistic

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Turquoise, Food- Rataouille

Job: Photography

Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts

Submitted By: Meghan

Daniella Drake

Traits: Athletic, Handy, Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors

Favorites: Music- Indie, Color- Black, Food- Tri-tip Steak

Job: Law Enforcement

Lifetime Wish: International Spy

Submitted By: Jennie

Contestant #23: Hailey Rogers

Traits: Coward, Hydrophobic, Light Sleeper, Unlucky, No Sense of Humor

Favorites: Music-Pop, Color-Yellow, Food- Peanut Butter & Jelly

Job: Receptionist

Lifetime Wish: Master Mixologist

Submitted By: Kara