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Submissions are closed until we select the Bachelorette. Stay tuned for more info on how to submit a contestant!


10 responses to “Submit a Contestant

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  2. I’ve never really uploaded sims before. Let me know when you have them so I can take them down.

    Christy Winchester
    Her traits should be listed, just ignore the unknown, that’s from awesomemod, I think. Brave, Friendly, Athletic, Disciplined, Loves The Outdoors
    She’s in law enforcement.

    Holly Winchester (They’re from my Legacy so they have the same last name. You can play them as sisters or change her name if you’d like.)
    She’s in the criminal career.
    Hydrophobic, Savvy Sculptor, Kleptomaniac, Family-Oriented, Charismatic

    I think everything else the game upload will pull across for you. I got you short haired girls, and outdoorsy athletic one, and a criminal. I personally think it would be kind of cool if you did them like sisters, one sister turned evil and went into a life of crime while the other sister was horrified by what her sister got into and decided to try to clean up the criminal element in town to save her sister. Something like that.

    • Perfect! Thank you so much!

    • I’m having difficulty getting them to download (it says I need to update my game; but the launcher says the game is full up to date….sigh….) I will let you know when I have this sorted out. 😦

      • I’ll see if I can update my game, if that’s it, maybe. If we can’t get it figured out, feel free to try to recreate them if needed. But I’ll try and see if there’s anything I can do.

      • I think I got it! 🙂 Apparently the exchange isn’t a fan of google chrome. I switched over to firefox and it seems to be working, they are installing now. I will let you know when they are in the game.

      • Yep, they are all uploaded and in the game!

      • Yay!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see your blog.

  3. Forgot to click subscribe to blog. I want to follow this. It looks really cool.

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