The Bachelorette

Our next challenge, coming sometime in June will be a Bachelorette challenge.

Changes Being Implemented for the Bachelorette:

– Blog will now be written story-style with less mechanics and more detail.

– Only 8 contestants will participate

– The small contestant pool will allow for more posts about each contestant. We will now visit each contestants home before they enter into the competition. I will play them for one week in their chosen career. I will blog about this week. Contestants may have other family members present- so single parents are welcome!

– When submitting a contestant, participants will not only list more detailed info about family/home life; but they will also answer some questions on HOW they want their contestant to be played (does the contestant come on strong? do they try to develop a friendship? do they jump at th chance for romantic interactions?).

– In one of the final rounds, we will do home visits so the Bachelor(ette) can meet the contestants’ families.

– The low number of contestants will mean less participants; however, challenges should be quicker. Initially, participants will only be able to enter one contestant a piece. If not enough can be found, doubles will be allowed.

– Winning contestants will wed the Bachelor(ette) and I will continue to blog their story in between contest posts. In fact, I will do the same with Nathan & his future wife. You will all be update on how their life is going, their children, etc…

– This later aspect is especially important now that the latest expansion, Generations, is out. Since it focuses on family life, I will only be able to get a real feel for this expansion if I play out the future families.


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